The Green Dot Quality Guarantee Professionals

What is the Green DOT Quality Guarantee?


QOSI guarantees in writing that if we miss any severity 1 (critical) or (major) defects during testing which are found in the application while in production, we will pay $1000 per occurrence.


Why are we so confident we can give you a Guarantee?


QOSI has an industry’s first Green Dot Quality Framework, which is a cyclical, risk-based iterative approach to Software Quality Assurance and Testing. The core advantages of this risk-based SQA management framework include early adoption of quality Design, development and Test artifacts by utilizing high level analysis and quality gates to determine if an artifact can move from a “red” status to yellow where it will undergo exhaustive verification and validation.


The framework process effectively supports a collaborative team of professionals in an iterative, agile methodology which typically involves numerous version updates and enhancements till a “green” version is approved. This guides the entire quality management and test activities there by ensuring defect free software in production.