Software Testing – Manual & Automated

Manual Testing


QOSI extensive Full Lifecycle Testing experience covers multiple complex and mission critical systems. This includes web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps and distributed systems and utilities across many industries such Healthcare IT, Finance, Learning Management, Defense to mention a few.


Our deep expertise in Software Testing ensures End-to-End test coverage of your systems both customer facing (front end) and back office (back end).


Some of our test activities and approaches include:


  • Functional Testing – What is the estimated effort to automate?
  • Integration Testing
  • Usability and GUI Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Performance – Load and Stress Testing
  • Security Test
  • Localization Test
  • Compatibility Testing

Automated Testing


Test automation activity for clients starts with understanding the need for test automation. Since our automation solution will be tailored to your organizational needs, we’ll provide free Automation Assessments as follows:


  • Cost – What is the estimated effort to automate?
  • Reuse – How many release cycles in the future will benefit from automation?
  • Repetition – How many times in a release do we run this test?
  • Manual Effort – What is the effort to run manually?
  • Historical Data – What areas have uncovered large numbers of defects historically?
  • Difficulty – What is the difficulty level of automating the identified activities?
  • Tools – What tools best provide a comprehensive yet cost effective automation effort?

Defect Management Process


Our defect management is comprised of defect discovery, characterization, remediation and tracking, validation, and closure.


Continuous software testing and integration leads to identification of software defects which are logged into the defect tool. This tool serves as an input to Defect Management (DM) and CM.


These QA and CM processes occur concurrently and they inform sprint planning and the iterative Agile-based software lifecycle. Ultimately, once all defects are verified fixed, we approve production deployment and provide our client with our first in class GREENDOT QUALITY GUARANTEE.